Jumptap Secures Mobile Content Bid Management Patent

Mobile ad network Jumptap has been awarded Patent No. 7,676,394 by the United States Patent Office. The patent relates to an automated bid management system for dynamically managing bids for presentation of mobile content on a mobile device.
The patent is one of five issued to Jumptap in less than nine months. Since June 16, 2009, Jumptap has been issued four other patents, Numbers 7548915, 7577665, 7603360 and 7660581. The company currently has over 70 published patent applications and anticipates receiving additional patents over the coming quarters.
Morgan Stanley recently predicted that more users will access the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs within five years. Mobile advertising is achieving equally rapid growth in adoption and acceptance as the most effective channel for reaching and engaging consumers, says Jorey Ramer, Founder, Vice President of Corporate Development and a named inventor on the patent. Advertisers are increasingly demanding more sophisticated capabilities from mobile advertising solution providers. Our patent portfolio is a direct reflection of our early innovation, greater R&D investment, and superior functionality.