Jumptap Secures US Patent

Mobile advertising firm Jumptap has been awarded Patent No. 7,548,915 by the United States Patent Office. The Patent was awarded on 16 June, 2009, and relates to a method for presenting an advertisement in association with a web page displayed on a mobile communication facility, the method comprising the steps of:

  • Determining a first relevancy score based upon a statistical association between at least a first advertisement and one or more keywords;
  • Determining a second relevancy score based upon a statistical association between at least a second advertisement and the one or more keywords;
  • Receiving a web page request from the mobile communication facility;
  • Receiving contextual information from the web page, wherein the contextual information includes at least the one or more keywords; and
  • Presenting the first advertisement in association with the web page to be displayed on the mobile communication facility based upon a determination that the first relevancy score is greater than the second relevancy score.

Jumptap plays a unique role in the mobile advertising ecosystem and our first patent issue is a major milestone event for the company, says Jumptap President and CEO, stated Dan Olschwang, Our growing intellectual property portfolio reflects our mobile technology heritage and early defined dedication to innovation. Our proprietary technology is an important strategic facet of our business that allows us to deliver tangible benefits to our partners and the various stakeholders in the mobile advertising industry.
The GTC Law Group, Webb Law Firm, and Strategic Patents, P.C. assisted in the development of the patent. Jumptap currently has over 70 published patent applications and expects to receive additional patents over the coming quarters.