Jumptap Targeted Ad Patent Roster Doubles in a Year

Mobile advertising company Jumptap has revealed that it has doubled its patent portfolio in the last year. 

Its most recent patent is related to a “computer-implemented method for positioning targeted sponsored content on a mobile communication facility”, the company says.

The patent concerns technology that would receive data from a phone user regarding a mobile transaction, feeding that user advertising based on what the first transaction was. 

“As mobile advertising becomes more driven by technology, and marketers seek more effective targeting, Jumptap is uniquely positioned to deliver the most effective methods of reaching key audiences,” says Jumptap CEO, George Bell. “Jumptaps impressive roster of 14 patents demonstrates our commitment to technological leadership, and has been an integral aspect of our dynamic growth. We look forward to continuing to drive innovation and engagement.”

Jumptaps patent roster concerns targeted advertising, with patents granted on ads targeted based on demographic, geographic, behavioral, contextual, and transactional information. 

For a complete list of Jumptaps patent roster, head to the companys IP page on its website