junaio Set for May Launch on Android

David Murphy

metaio has launched a closed Beta version of its junaio Augmented Reality (AR) app for Android developers. Until now, junaio has been available for the iPhone and the number of registered developers has reached over 250 since opening up the API in February 2010.

As with the iPhone version, the closed beta-version for Android allows registered developers to create AR-mashups, information channels or game concepts with the open API. As with other AR-browsers, users can find nearby POIs (Points of Interest) like shops, restaurants or train stations by simply pointing their mobile phone`s camera at the local environment. 

Additionally, since Android allows access to the videostream, the Android version will be the first free and open mobile platform to provide natural feature tracking to the developer community.

"We expect these capabilities to revolutionize outdoor or print advertising, packaging and mobile gaming", says metaio CTO, PeterMeier. “Users now can point their phone at a billboard and virtual characters might be jumping out of it. The software recognizes the image and overlays dynamic data, true to position, scale and target group into the real world view of the camera.”

The client version of the app should be available for Android phones mid-May.