Juniper Analyses Mobile Search Prospects

Juniper Research has released its report, Search & Discovery: Opportunities & Markets, 2008-2013.  The report assesses the current and future potential of mobile search applications and services, forecasting mobile search and associated mobile advertising and data revenues across eight key geographical regions until 2013.
The 190-page study analyses over 15 major players, providing a qualitative detailed outlook from key executives in the industry, including strategies from market-leading companies such as Google and Yahoo! In addition, the report explains the changes that are underway in the mobile search market, with the emergence of off-portal and on-device search, exploring the key drivers for the growth of mobile advertising.
The report defines five categories of mobile search, including general web search; on-device search; local search; on-portal content search; and off-portal content search. Market development forecasts are split into these five search strategies, and include users, number of searches, cost-per-clickthrough and total number of searches that are ad supported. It further concentrates on how these developments, along with ad-supported revenues within mobile search, are likely to impact upon the growth of the mobile advertising sector.
The report examined the current and future size of the mobile search market; the key drivers for mobile search adoption; the strategies being adopted by Google and Yahoo! within the mobile environment; who the major players in mobile search are; in which regions mobile search usage is likely to be highest; and how much data revenue mobile operators can expect to generate through search services.
The report costs 1,490 for a single-user PDF or hardback copy; 1,990 for a multi-user licence; or 2,990 for an enterprise-wide licence.
You can get more details here. A brochure here. And a free Whitepaper here.