Jurassic World Comes to Waterloo

RaptorsUniversal Pictures and outdoor advertising firm JCDecaux have rolled out an out-of-home campaign at London’s Waterloo train station to support the release of the Jurassic World movie tomorrow.

The companies have taken over every outdoor advertising location in the station to promote the movie. An ‘Immersion Zone’ has been created in the tunnel that enables commuters at Waterloo to walk between their platform and the underground system without accessing the station concourse during peak hours. Commuters using the tunnel will experience ambient sounds in combination with immersive visuals as they walk through scenes including raptors in a jungle; a creek with a canoe; and a prehistoric underwater show.

The campaign will bring audio to digital out-of-home screens using Beakle – JCDecaux and Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s new audio synchronisation product. The public can connect to the audio content with their smartphones via a URL Beakle landing page, which will be displayed on the digital screens at Waterloo. Beakle will also be used to deliver the audio guide for the Dinosaur Museum Gallery located on the mezzanine level.

Commuters waiting for their trains will also have the opportunity to watch and listen to Jurassic World ‘featurettes’ being displayed on the Transvision screens in the station, located by the departure boards. In addition, Motion@Waterloo, the UK’s largest indoor advertising screen, has been framed by vinyl wraps, stretching the display space to 53.5m x 3.5m. The giant screen will display Jurassic World trailer footage and a dynamic Twitter feed that will deploy tweets that include the hashtag: #JurassicWaterloo.

The campaign also uses life-size 3D models of the movie’s raptors: Blue, Delta, Echo and Charlie. As part of a teaser campaign, an unbranded, giant, metal crate was deployed on the station concourse last weekend, which engaged commuters with ominous noises. The raptors appear to have broken out of this crate in the sequence they are currently positioned in. There’s also a retail unit on the concourse where commuters can buy tickets to see the film as well as Jurassic World merchandise.

The campaign even stretches to the announcements. Commuters, if not already baffled by the fact the train station resembles a prehistoric jungle, will be welcomed to “Jurassic World Waterloo.” Given the state of the some of the trains and the way they run, some commuters may think this is somewhat apt.

“We wanted to deliver a truly unique outdoor campaign that would bring Jurassic World to life for everyone, creating excitement, whilst driving anticipation and ticket sales for the film’s release on 11 June 11,” said Karen Charalambous, Universal Pictures’ UK Marketing Director. “Working in partnership with JCDecaux enabled us to capitalise on the multitude of innovative and state-of-the-art digital outdoor advertising platforms, allowing us to have continual OOH presence with Jurassic World during our campaign, as well as providing the nation’s busiest rail station with a truly immersive and one-of-a-kind experience that could be enjoyed by all.”

The campaign was planned and booked by MediaCom and Kinetic.