JUST Mobile Selects Tweakker for OTA Set-up Task

Mobile internet connectivity specialist Tweakker has entered into an agreement with JUST Mobile of Ireland, enabling JUST’s customers to have seamless access to its mobile phone setting service from the network operator’s website.

The agreement was struck in early March. Tweakker has since designed and delivered a customised white-label version of its configuration service to the operator as a simple bolt-on website gateway, with the look and feel of its brand. The gateway links with Tweakker’s MVNO over-the-air (OTA) provisioning servers.

JUST Mobile began trading in October 2010. The Tweakker deal gives JUST’s customers online configuration care from the operator’s website at any time, from any location, reducing the burden on JUST’s call centre.

Consumers can join JUST Mobile’s network or top up their SIM cards in 500 towns and villages nationwide thanks to a partnership with BWG foods, which gives JUST a front desk in over 900 SPAR, SPAR Express, EUROSPAR, MACE and XL outlets.

“As the new kid on the block, we want consumers to have the best customer experience from the outset, and that means great deals, real value and superb customer care,” says Stuart Kelly, JUST Mobile’s sales director. “And when you’re talking customer care and automatic device configurations, there’s only one name in the business that counts – Tweakker.”

Tweakker’s OTA configuration service supports more than 2,400 mobile models and 129 brands, which is says is the largest library of phone configurations and video guides in the world. Thanks to its close business relationships with device manufacturers, configurations for new phones are available from Tweakker’s website as soon as they are launched.