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David Murphy

New research from Juniper suggests that retailers will be sending up to 3 billion mobile coupons to consumers phone by 2011.
Mobile Ticketing & Coupons, Strategies & Markets 2007-2011 offers forecasts of user acceptance, transaction value and transactional traffic across eight key geographical regions until 2011. The 142-page study provides leading one-on-one interviews with key industry players, and combines a detailed analysis of dominant technologies, including barcodes, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC (Near-field Communications),  exploring the success of a number of important applications and services within this sector from around the globe.
In addition to uncovering the potential drivers and constraints to future market growth, the report explores strategic and market developments, based on the benefits to all members of the market chain, with recommendations for maximising revenues in this rapidly-developing sector.
Juniper says the report is an invaluable tool for forecasting mobile ticketing and coupon users, in addition to average and total numbers of annual transactions and transaction value data. It also provides valuable market projections for three mobile ticketing sub-sectors: transport; sporting events; and entertainment & events .
The report looks at the current and future market size for mobile ticketing & coupons; the key strategies for mobile network operators, ticketing/coupon issuers and new entrants; the main market drivers for mobile ticketing and coupons; the key technologies that are being adopted for mobile ticketing and coupons; and at who will be the winners and losers in the mobile ticketing and coupon market.
The report costs 1,490 for a single-user PDF licence or hardback copy; 1,990 for a multi-user network PDF licence; or 2,990 for an enterprise-wide PDF licence.
You can get more details here. And a free Whitepaper here.