JustGiving and RoosterMoney want to get youngsters donating to charity

Tyrone Stewart

RoosterMoneyOnline fundraising platform JustGiving has teamed up RoosterMoney, a pocket money tracking app, to help children gain an understanding of charities and make donations of their own.

Through the RoosterMoney app, children have the choice of splitting their pocket money between ‘spending’, ‘saving’, and ‘giving’ stores. Now, with the integration of JustGiving, children will be able to go further with their ‘giving’ pot with access to more than 26,000 charities and information about the causes they support.

“JustGiving has 16 years of charitable giving under our belts and having raised over £3.bn for good causes, we know how important giving is,” said Neil Bannister, managing director at JustGiving UK. “We also know that young people are already looking for new and exciting ways to support the causes they care about and encouraging children from an early age to think about giving is so important. We are excited to have teamed up with RoosterMoney to get kids giving.”