Kahuna Launches Customer Engagement Engine

Kahuna, a mobile marketing automation company, has launched its ‘Customer Engagement Engine’. It’s an online mobile marketing platform that analyzes customer behaviour in real time and delivers personalized messaging to boost usage of apps and increase revenue. The company has also secured more than $2m of funding from institutional and angel investors.

Kahuna’s solution combines analytics with automated push/e-mail campaign capabilities. The company says early results have been remarkable, with a dozen beta customers, who have been using the service since early 2013, reporting that usage of their apps has tripled. 

Adam Marchick, CEO and co-founder of Kahuna, said the Customer Engagement Engine springs from what is known as “growth hacking,” the marketing method that high-growth companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox have used to great effect.

“All of these companies analyze customer usage in real time and deliver personalized messages across all channels to encourage the right behaviour,” said Marchick. “We founded Kahuna to put all these best practices in one engine, so any mobile marketer can just turn it on and watch usage and revenue grow.”

Vinny Lingham, CEO and cofounder of Gyft, a mobile gift-card service, said, “From the very first campaign, Kahuna made a significant impact to our business.” Gyft saw a 240 per cent increase in engaged users, a 17 per cent boost in revenue (from cards purchased), a 12 per cent rise in cards redeemed, and a 7 per cent boost in sharing on social media. Kahuna has totally changed how we think about our users and customers.”