Kayzen launches #AppsFightCovid to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in emerging countries

Kayzen, a Berlin-based tech company that specializes in mobile programmatic advertising software, has launched #AppsFightCovid, a new initiative to support people in countries where the COVID-19 breakout is still at its earlier stage. By using programmatic mobile advertising, #AppsFightCovid aims to reach hundreds of millions of people with tailored messages on their mobile phones. The initiative aims to spread reliable information reliable information on how to prevent infection, provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), and a way to contact WHO directly in the user’s native tongue to people in developing countries.

Kayzen has translated the campaign ads into Arabic, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and the campaign is currently live across 54 countries. The initiative focuses on countries that are at high risk of reaching a massive outbreak of the pandemic in Africa and Latin America. According to Aljazeera.com, citing the UN Health Agency, COVID-19 cases in Africa could hit 10 million within six months.

Other companies in the mobile apps industry, including AppsFlyer, PubNative, Fyber, AppLovin, Quverse, Fastic and PlaySimple have donated to this initiative, which has raised $18,000 to date.
The campaign has already reached more than 18m people since going live on 14 April, with a total of more than 36m videos viewed and 700,000 chatbot sessions initiated between users and the WHO. The goal of the initiative is to reach more than 100m people worldwide.

All live data on money raised, money spent, people reached per country and more can be followed here.

Both individuals, companies and organizations can donate to the cause. 100 per cent of the donations are deployed directly to the information campaign. Kayzen covers all server and other admin costs of the initiative and all people involved are pro bono volunteers.

“We thought about how we could contribute to society in a time of crisis, how can we use our technology to reach and assist people, fight fake news, and arm them with reliable information,” said Kayzen founder and CEO, Tim Koschella. “We think this initiative is a meaningful contribution to flatten the curve and in developing countries because a relatively small financial contribution can have massive impact.”