Ride-hailing firm Kapten launches charity initiative

Tyrone Stewart

The Kapten Ride4Good initiative will donate to EpicEuropean ride-hailing app Kapten, which is backed by Daimler and BMW, has teamed up with the Epic, a non-profit startup, to launch an initiative that enables riders to round up their fares and donate the difference.

The ‘Ride4Good’ initiative gives users the opportunity to round their fares up to the nearest £0.50 to provide a donation to the foundation which is dedicated to changing the lives of disadvantaged youths. The initiative has been launched to riders across the UK, France, and Portugal.

“Placing purpose, commitment and sharing at the heart of businesses is now an imperative,” said Alexandre Mars, founder and CEO of Epic. “Kapten’s commitment to social justice and inclusion alongside Epic illustrates this new reality. With this initiative, Kapten is leading by example and demonstrating that innovative sharing solutions can be seamlessly embedded into any business model.”

100 per cent of the funds collected will go directly to Epic and Kapten will match the funds raised over the next two months. The plan is to eventually extend the feature to more charities and enable users to choose the charity they wish to donate to.

“I am extremely proud of the Kapten team,” said Sébastien Oebel, CEO of Kapten. “Thanks to their skills and generosity, we were able to launch in record time the first ‘round up and donate’ feature in the European ride-hailing sector.”