KBH Launches On-train Direct Response Mobile Ad Channel

KBH Engage Capital_SpreadsTraincard media firm, KBH On-Train Media, has announced the full roll-out of the UK’s first mobile-enabled advertising medium connecting directly with on-board rail passengers. Named KBH Engage, it will provide a premium add-on service for advertisers buying traincard campaigns on KBH’s Out Of Home train poster network. Commuters in to London who use Southwest Trains may well have seen some of the mobile-enabled ads over the past few months, during the trial phase. The on-train ads will enable travellers to find out more about products and services advertised on KBH’s network of traincard panels via a touch-point providing interaction by NFC, QR code or SMS. When fully installed, Engage will open a direct dialogue between advertisers and the 6m passengers travelling into London’s highest-profile mainline rail terminals every four weeks, using the 12 train operating companies with whom KBH has exclusive on-train ad contracts. KBH Engage’s roll-out partner is spread-betting company Capital Spreads. Using the Engage touch-point takes the consumer to a mobile-optimised version of the Capital Spreads site specially built to enable immediate interaction. The site contains comprehensive information for potential new traders, and offers them straightforward ways to apply for an account or sign up for a demo version. The campaign was booked by Brand Links though Open Outdoor. Initial trials on 350 carriages on the Southwest Trains network at the start of 2013 saw 17,800 people connecting with one of the networks in eight weeks, with over 5,500 choosing to take further action. When scaled-up across the full KBH Engage network, this would equate to 4,000 interactions per day. Installation of Engage-enabled touch-points is currently in progress across six trainlines – SouthWest Trains, Greater Anglia, Southern, Stansted Express, First Capital Connect and Great Northern. By January, the network will be at full strength with 4,000 Engage-enabled panels across KBH’s routes. Each panel will be uniquely identified with a built-in NFC chip, QR code and unique SMS number for tracking purposes. “Engage is an added-value service for both advertisers and in-touch train travellers,” said KBH managing director, Ian Reynolds. “The on-train audience is truly connected, with 92 per cent using a smartphone while on the train. They’re also willing to interact there and then. 45 per cen of those who’ve interacted with a traincard ad have done so while on the train. “Engage will open up tremendous opportunities for advertisers to start a direct conversation with consumers and so gain far greater engagement. The average journey time on our trains is 50 minutes, so this is clearly a great window of opportunity for brands.”