Kellogg's launches #RaiseYourBowl campaign to support the NHS and key workers

David Murphy

Cereal firm Kellogg’s UK has launched ‘#RaiseYourBowl’, a social media campaign that aims to support the NHS and key workers across the UK.

The campaign is designed to raise awareness of Kellogg’s pledge to distribute 500,000 servings of food direct to frontline staff in NHS hospitals and medical facilities. It encourages those key workers to visit the Kellogg’s website where they can request a donation for their own staff or break rooms. The campaign creative, executed by Publicis, is brought to life by Kellogg’s own employees raising their cereal bowls in thanks to the NHS.

The launch comes after Kellogg’s announced it would also be distributing a minimum of 3m servings of food to its charity partners, to reach food banks, schools and community groups supporting the most vulnerable people. As well as these donations, the business will be recognising the hauliers who are continuing to ensure food reaches our shelves during the current crisis. Kellogg’s will be working to provide food for the staff rooms of its three main UK hauliers.

“We want to ensure we are doing what we can to support those who need us at this time, from getting food onto shelves, to supporting local food banks and schools,” said Kellogg’s VP and head of UK business, Chris Silcock. “I want to take this opportunity to thank the NHS for their tireless work and I hope that by donating a further 500,000 servings of cereal direct to those working on the frontline we are able to help in some way.’’