Kenshoo's Intent-Driven Audience Matches Search Activity with Facebook Ads

Kirsty Styles

KenshooKenshoo has released in beta its Intent-Driven Audience platform that brings together search and social user activity to increase the efficiency of cross-platform campaigns.

Kenshoo updates Facebook Custom Audiences campaigns based on an individual's search engine use so ads are tailored to the keywords or clicks of the user. Marketers can also use this information to target 'search intent ads' at other Facebook users with similar characteristics.

Kenshoo says its platform lowers cost-per-click and increases return on investment for Facebook and paid search marketing, citing an anonymous retail trial that delivered 66 per cent lower CPC and 110 per cent higher ROI on Facebook.

Kenshoo is a preferred partner of Facebook, but does not have an exclusivity deal, so the solution will be available to the entire industry. The company specialises in predictive marketing solutions. It supports Facebook Exchange, links together paid search with display and email activity, and optimises campaigns on Google Search.