Keynote Warns on Mobile Web Performance Issues

Keynote Systems, which specialises in on-demand mobile and Internet test and measurement solutions, is warning that performance issues could hinder the uptake of mobile web usage. Research from eMarketer reveals that a lack of user-friendly handsets contributed to a slow take up on mobile web services in the UK, but things are changing fast, and last years launch of the 3G iPhone has given the market a much needed boost.
New applications, including maps, games, news and social networking services, are set to build momentum, and IDC reports that converged mobile devices such as the iPhone 3G have experienced higher growth rates than the overall mobile phone market, creating potential new revenue opportunities for both vendors and operators.
Estimates of the UK mobile Internet population range from between 7.2 million and 17.4 million, but Keynote Systems argues that while an increase in suitable handsets will help, the mobile Internet will not properly take off until performance issues are confronted and resolved.
Keynote says the difficulties stem from the fact that mobile users have come to expect the same rich experience to which theyve become accustomed on their desktops. This is despite the slower mobile infrastructure, the smaller screen and the multiple types of mobile device in use, all of which make this difficult to deliver. To overcome these issues and guarantee an optimised site for all users, says Keynote, it is necessary to accurately measure application performance over a variety of geographies, devices and wireless operators throughout the day. One bad experience is often all it takes to turn a customer away for life and this can affect all those involved from the operator through to the mobile phone dealer.
With revenue from the mobile web growing massively, it is not surprising that everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon, but for all involved its essential to get it right from the start or risk missed opportunities and dissatisfied subscribers, says Keynote Systems Head of UK and Ireland, Martin Stern. With rapidly-rising demand for the mobile Internet, it is vital that operators and content developers continuously monitor their end users experience across multiple devices and operator networks to detect, diagnose and rapidly resolve the root-causes of sub-standard end user performance. Failure to do so will result in increased site abandonment and, ultimately, subscribers jumping ship to competitors.