KeyPoint Offers Open-Source Predictive Text Solution

KeyPoint has launched OpenAdaptxt, an open-source version of its Adaptxt text input platform. The company says it hopes to provide incentives for developers to innovate and improve the quality of text-based user interfaces for mobile devices. 

KeyPoint works with OEMs to ship its Adaptxt platform, but the new OpenAdaptxt version will allow third-parties to enter the predictive text space. The company is also launching a community project to help the development of OpenAdaptxt at The platform is licensed under the Eclipse Public License v1.0, which can be viewed here

Peter Waller, Chairman of KeyPoint Technologies says: “The next generation of mobile devices need to be truly personal and know their users in order to learn habits, communication styles and contexts. Combining this with KeyPoint Technologies extensive linguistics capability and advanced input technology means OEMs are set to revolutionise the mobile device user experience.”

Bill Weinberg, principal analyst at, says that KeyPoints move will help OEMs improve their text input offerings. “Delivering commercial-quality predictive text input as open-source software benefits participants across the mobile/wireless ecosystem,” he says. “In launching OpenAdaptxt, KeyPoint Technologies helps OEMs by reducing bill of materials costs, gives platform suppliers and other developers opportunities to innovate in user interface design, and brings a superior user experience to mobile subscribers and owners of all types of mobile devices.”