KFC Australia Launches Mobile Coupon Gaming App

KFC in Australia has created a branded mobile game app where people are incentivised to play with the promise of winning edible prizes.

The Snack! in the Face app created by DT, part of Ogilvy, encourages users to save KFC food from an evil villain across different levels. Rewards start from ‘buy one get one free’ or ‘$1 off’ to the promise of free food when harder tasks are completed.

The iOS and Android game was designed to appeal to KFC’s core audience – 16 to 24-year-old males – to drive downloads and ultimately encourage them to redeem the mobile rewards in store. The campaign uses a gifting mechanism on Facebook Connect so users can share their results, and even their prizes, with friends. A total of 140,000 free KFC snacks over the two-month campaign.

“Historically KFC has used above the line tactics, ” said KFC’s marketing manager, Adam Drape. “However, with over 70 per cent of Australians using apps on a daily basis, KFC Snack! In the Face presents a great opportunity for the brand to directly engage with its customers via a digital medium.”