Kicker Sees 30 Per Cent More Visits on Mobile than Desktop

German sports publisher Kicker has seen its mobile site overtake desktop, with 29 per cent more visitors, and mobile users showing three times higher engagement than desktop users.

The mobile site attracts an average 38m visits per month, but mobile ads still only account for 15 per cent of overall digital revenues. Its worth noting, however, that this figure has improved drastically, when mobile accounted for just three per cent of revenues.

“Kicker’s audience has fast become dependent on its mobile platform, the primary appeal being the instant access to live content,” said Werner Wittmann, head of digital media at Kicker. “Designing a simple mobile site makes it easy to navigate through live updates, image galleries and video content. Netbiscuits tests against thousands of device profiles, so users are delivered a tailored an engaging experience regardless of the device they are using.”

Kicker, first founded in 1920, has been working with Netbiscuits on its mobile strategy since 2001.