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Kidoz Launches Child-friendly Network

Alex Spencer


Kidoz has launched its child-friendly content discovery network.

The network displays recommendations for kids' apps, mixing organic and sponsored picks, within partnered apps. The offering was previously only available within Kidoz's Mode launcher, which can be used to turn mobile devices into a completely child-safe environment with a dedicated age-appropriate app store.

“Our COPPA-certified technology provides a much more engaging and personalized experience than traditional services, which are based mainly on age and gender and are therefore limited in their ability to provide truly relevant content recommendations,” said Gai Havkin, co-founder and CEO of Kidoz. “Opening our platform enable us to bring this level of experience around content discovery to other kid apps while helping them build a sustainable business model without compromising on the experience and the values of their brands.”

Alongside the launch, Kidoz has also announced a $3.5m (£2.3m) funding round from Millhouse Capital, which it will use to open offices in New York and China in 2016.