Kiip Unveils Precision Moments Targeting and comScore Deal

Kiip is working comScore as one of their insights and media research partners in order to help both companies improve their mobile analytics products.

Kiip will share select insights from its reward network with comScore to help Kiip improve the experience for brands and developers. Kiip considers the partnership a huge validation of its rewards-based appoached.

Kiip, which helps brands to give in-app rewards via its network of 60m people using 1,500 apps across six verticals, has also consolidated its existing tools so it can offer better targeting to advertisers.

Precision Moments Targeting enables brands to target in-app rewards by demographic, app vertical, location, local weather, by sentiment and historic reward redemption data. The company says redemption rates for branded moments increased by 32 per cent when it started testing the platform a month ago.

Kiip received $11m of funding back in January, led by the IPG media agency group, to help get more big advertisers on board and grow the company. Brands like Pepsi, Disney and Dannon have all offered virtual or physical rewards to Kiip app users when they engage and achieve something in-app.