Kirusa Powers Voice SMS in Albania

Albanian operator Eagle Mobile has launched a Voice SMS service across the country, using technology from Kirusa, a leading Voice SMS vendore and developer of mobile value added services. Voice SMS enables subscribers to send messages by voice, eliminating the need to type.
Eagle Mobile subscribers just have to dial * followed by the number of the person they wish to send the message to, and speak a short message for upto 30 seconds in any language. The recipient gets a notification message from the sender and can click on a DirectListen number to directly listen to and reply to the Voice SMS left for him. Eagle Mobile subscribers can also dial *0* to hear new voice messages, or retrieve previously listened voice messages by dialing *1*. Voice SMS messages can be replied to, forwarded, saved, or deleted. It costs 16.2 lek (approximately $0.17/0.11) to send a Voice SMS.
We are thrilled to launch Voice SMS, says Eagle Mobile Head of Public & Media Relations, Alban Tartari. We believe that mobile users will find this service a value-add in their day to day conversations. Kirusa was chosen for this product as it is the leading VAS player in this segment and was the only one to have a bouquet of advanced revenue generating features to choose from.