KissMyAds Launches QR Codes

Mobile affiliate marketing firm, KissMyAds, has launched QR codes for its publishers, who can now generate their personal QR codes for any offer found within the global KissMyAds network and distribute them to attract customers.

KissMyAds publishers select an offer from the system, create their personal marketing QR code for the offer and print it on all campaign promotional materials, including print ads, stickers or T-shirts.

The QR code service is a free addition to the KissMyAds system, brought about with HasOffers. All codes generated are individual, which ensures that the individual commission can be tracked. All referrals generated through the codes are tracked, and the payout is accounted in the same way as for all other mobile marketing campaigns offered in the KissMyAds system.

“As QR codes are currently one of the big growth factors for mobile engagement, we’re thrilled to see that our partners can now extend their activities to new target groups”, says KissMyAds founder and CEO Florian Lehwald.