Klear launches Klear Connect influencer campaign management solution

Influencer marketing technology company Klear has launched Klear Connect, an influencer marketing campaign management solution. Connect aims to streamline communication between brands and influencers by automating manual processes throughout the influencer program lifecycle with an integrated chat service and the ability to collaborate on content, and track payments and Instagram Stories.

Connect acts as an interface between brands and influencers. It provides brands with brief templates of common brand guidelines, deliverables, and expectations so that both parties can align goals. All materials can be shared directly with the influencers via the Klear Connect integrated chat service, while progress can be tracked with real-time notifications. Additionally, brands can invite influencers to authenticate their Instagram account, allowing for tracking of Instagram Stories.

Connect enables brands to track Instagram Stories; directly share campaign briefs and content collateral with influencers; send bulk messages; verify payments and sign contracts; and track links and campaign conversions.

“Managing the day-to-day activities of an influencer campaign can be challenging for marketers, especially when brands have multiple campaigns running simultaneously,” said Klear CEO and co-founder, Eytan Avigdor. “We created Klear Connect to streamline the process so that marketers have all their campaign needs in one place, allowing anyone to manage the entire process from start to finish directly from the Klear platform.”