Knorr Tops YouTube Most-watched Ads in May

YouTube KnorrYouTube has revealed the most-watched marketing videos on its site for May, with Unilever food brand Knorr at the top of the list.

Knorrs #LoveAtFirstTaste video matches up strangers for a first date where they have to feed the chosen meal to their partner. If that concept sounds similar to the First Kiss viral video from 2014, its no surprise – they share a director, Tatia Pilieva, working in this case with marketing agency MullenLowe.

The three-minute #LoveAtFirstTaste ad has racked up 59m views since it was posted at the end of April, putting it way ahead of the second place video, Evians Baby Bay, which stands at 12m. Interestingly, though, Evian is actually narrowly ahead in terms of likes (6,600 versus 6,000) suggesting viewers may actually be more engaged with the second-place video – which, notably, is around half the length at 95 seconds.

Other brands filling out the list include Procter & Gamble, GoPro, Lufthansa and McDonalds.

You can watch a playlist of the full top 10 videos below.