KPN Hops To It

KPN, the Dutch mobile network operator, has selected the First Hop Wireless Broker service control suite to replace its existing messaging system. First Hop Wireless Broker is a complete service delivery platform that enables third party content providers to access KPNs network to deliver content directly to users.
KPN will additionally deploy the First Hop Business Intelligence solution to improve VAS (Value Added Services) traffic and revenue reporting, subscriber analytics and personalisation. The Dutch operator is the second company within the KPN Group to select First Hop. The KPN affiliate, BASE of Belgium deployed a First Hop messaging solution earlier this year. 
KPN will also benefit from First Hops expertise in upgrading legacy VAS systems to help operators secure new revenue streams from data services. The First Hop Wireless Broker service will enable KPN to increase the number of data services it delivers through channels such as SMS, WAP Push, MMS and email.
This is another significant new business win for First Hop, and needless to say, we are absolutely delighted to be working again with the KPN Group says First Hop CEO, Timo Laaksonen. “Operators need to look beyond just the service delivery and complement it with customer analytics to be able to react to changes in the market. Our business intelligence solution enables operators to make decisions about mobile services based on real time data rather than market research.”
For KPN, Frans Buijtendijk, Project Manager, Access Services says:
Mobile data services have grown over the years, and now play a significant part in KPNs portfolio of services. We are keen to use new technology that will enable us to compete effectively in todays market conditions. First Hops Business Intelligence solution will help us to monitor the performance of data services and analyse customer preferences to evaluate the success of the content we offer. Not only will KPN be able to add value to its content partners, First Hop has also provided us with the expertise to help us consider the delivery of personalised content aimed at specific customer segments.”