KPN Selects Miyowa for Java IM

Mobile instant messaging (IM) company Miyowa has revealed that Dutch network operator KPN has deployed the mobile Java version of Windows Live Messenger. The news follows KPNs successful launch of Windows Live Messenger on i-mode last year. 
Under the new agreement, all KPN customers will be able to use Windows Live Messenger, the most popular IM service in the Netherlands, on their mobile phone, thanks to Miyowas universal mobile IM technology, MoveMessenger.
To date, 15 mobile operators around the world use MoveMessenger. Designed to provide an end-to-end service, which incorporates content distribution and advertising capabilities, together with detailed billing information, MoveMessenger has become the mobile instant messaging service of choice amongst European operators, says Miyowa.
Miyowa has been a partner of KPN for a long time and has consistently delivered innovative and robust mobile client Instant Messaging, says KPN Entertainment Content Marketing Manager, Peter Radix. This new version of MoveMessenger now allows KPN to reach all of our 8.9 million mobile customers and enable access to Windows Live Messenger direct on their mobile.
Stphane Hareng, VP, Strategic Marketing and Customer Operations at Miyowa adds:
Miyowas mobile IM client software is today the best-in-class solution for mobile operators. It provides the best end-user experience and service on the market. This is why KPN and all major operators turn to Miyowa for its proven mobile instant messaging deployment.