KT-mhows Selects miSpot Ad Solution

S. Korean digital ad network KT-mhows has chosen miSpot, GoldSpot Media’s mobile advertising platform, to power and manage its clients’ rich media and video ad campaigns. GoldSpot’s technology optimizes rich media and video ads to deliver consistent, high quality and zero latency ad display, regardless of bandwidth and network connectivity.

“We have chosen miSpot because it is the only end-to-end solution that enables us to create ad campaigns once and deliver them everywhere across all smartphones and tablets,” says KT-mhows president and CEO, Kim Gye Seong. “In addition, miSpot allows KT-mhows to dynamically target a rich media, banner or video ad to the same ad spot within the mobile application or web, without any changes to the phone SDK.”

The miSpot campaign interface enables an ad to be created in minutes and delivered to all smartphones and tablets. GoldSpot Media says its ad platform offers publishers and ad networks a cost-effective solution that increases their reach, maximizes yield and fill rates, and delivers a consistent user experience across all devices to achieve premium returns on their inventory. The company notes that the number of smartphone users in S. Korea is projected to exceed 5m in 2010 and grow rapidly in the next two to three years, creating a tremendous market for mobile advertisers and networks.