Kubient launches Real-time Bidding solution for Digital Out of Home inventory

David Murphy

Kubient a full-stack audience digital marketing platform, has launched what it claims is the industry’s Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising solution in the US. Kubient’s patent-pending oRTB solution connects the DOOH channel into the digital marketing ecosystem, giving buyers and sellers access to a marketplace to dynamically trade, distribute and execute omnichannel audience retargeting.

“Programmatic has become commonplace among digital advertising, however, DOOH has been one of the last to innovate,” said Kubient chief digital officer, Chris Andrews. “We saw a need in the market for a transparent, open platform to buy and sell DOOH inventory in real-time. Now, brands that want to reach consumers at high foot-trafficked venues can leverage our integrated full stack audience platform to reach, optimize and connect with their audiences with the efficiency available to marketers in every other digital marketing channel, in addition to retargeting them throughout the day across all digital channels.”

Kubient currently offers inventory from NRS and ReachTV, amounting to 100,000 Screens. During Q4 of 2019, Kubient will be onboarding additional inventory partners across the US and Canada.

Kubient’s platform transforms the DOOH ad-trafficking process into a real-time programmatic advertising transaction, allowing demand side platforms (DSPs) and other programmatic platforms to bid on DOOH inventory in real-time, similar to how OpenRTB video and display bidding is handled for desktop and mobile devices. Kubient will offer advertisers both a managed service and self-service solution.

“Kubient offers advertisers the opportunity to buy inventory in real-time, unlike any other platform in the marketplace,” said Eli Korn, chief operating officer at NRS. “With Kubient, buyers can seamlessly access our inventory and launch campaigns at the right cost, which will ultimately reach the millions of consumers that engage with our network every day.”