Kumulos adds API endpoint monitoring to mobile APM platform

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Kumulos API endpoint monitoringKumulos, a mobile app performance management platform, has added multi-location API endpoint monitoring to its crash reporting feature, strengthening its position within the mobile application performance management (APM) market.

The company’s fully-integrated mobile app management platform enables developers to manage the technical and commercial performance of mobile apps from a single pane of glass. API endpoint monitoring adds to this by checking the status of any internet accessible end-point, such as the many API endpoints that many mobile apps rely on to work properly, without the need for an SDK or having to touch the app code.

The feature checks the status of the API endpoints every five minutes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from five geographic locations around the world, to ensure the service is up, responsive and delivering the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) payload the mobile app is expecting.

Kumulos research has shown that – for apps more than six months old – up to 68 per cent of issues affecting the performance of a mobile app were caused by problems with API services the app relies on. Moreover, much of the time these services were found to be not in the control of the mobile app development team, instead being provided for them by corporate IT functions, but often the developer is on the hook for overall app performance.

API endpoint monitoring is aimed at making it easier for developers to see where the problems lie and deal with them before any app users are affected. The new feature joins a Kumulos range of services which includes app store optimisation, analytic & reporting, backend hosting, crash reporting, and push notifications.

Kumulos API endpoint monitoring can be signed up for now via a free 30-day trial or by booking a demo. The Kumulos team will be at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) at stand 7B31 to talk to people about how the platform can help to grow their mobile app development business.