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Kumulos teams up with Beaconstac for easy proximity marketing using beacons

Tyrone Stewart - Member Content

Kumulos BeaconstacMobile app performance management platform Kumulos is partnering with Beaconstac, which provides proximity marketing using beacons, NFC, and QR codes, to give mobile app developers a way to easily provide their app clients with proximity marketing.

Through the partnership, mobile app developers are able to pick a precise location, so, whenever someone enter, exits or lingers within a geofence, a notification is triggered on the user’s device. Kumulos’ Geofence technology is also able to send messages to any within a geofence immediately or with a preset delay, and can be used in conjunction with Kumulos Segments and Channels to send different messages to different customers who enter the same geofence and/or are near to a Beaconstac beacon.

“There’s a great fit between Kumulos and Beaconstac which really complements each other’s technologies,” said Bob Lawson, founder & director of Kumulos. “Together, we now provide developers with even more options for location triggered push notifications and proximity marketing using beacons and geo-fence technology.”

Beaconstac offers a range of Bluetooth beacons, as well as an intuitive dashboard that helps businesses and mobile app developers to create proximity-based marketing campaigns. This is used in conjunction with Kumulos’ Geofence, GPS location targeting feature, and fine-grain audience targeting.

To get going with Beaconstac on Kumulos, no additional SDKs are required. Mobile app developers simply have to buy the beacons and a subscription to the Beaconstac platform and add the beacon identifiers in the Kumulos console.

“Building proximity-based apps using Beaconstac and Kumulos is so much easier for mobile app developers and will cut the time and effort it takes to create a proximity marketing campaign,” said Ravi Pratap, co-founder & CTO at Beaconstac.