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Kumulos expands custom analytics features

Tyrone Stewart - Sponsored by: Kumulos - Member Content

Kumulos custom analyticsMobile app management platform Kumulos has expanded its custom analytics features in order to help developers measure and improve the success of their mobile apps.

With the platform, developers can track custom analytics events in their app and understand how the app is being used. Events can have properties – like screen name, article title, or product category – and can be used to trigger automation rules – such as a push notification. Along with the system events automatically recorded by Kumulos, developers can add events as steps in a funnel to measure conversion through different user journeys in the apps.

Secondly, user attributes let developers understand who is using their app. They can associate multiple attributes of different types with a user and then use these alongside out-of-the-box analytics – including locations, operating system, last active, and app version – as filters in audience segments to target push notifications based on demographics or usage profile.

Kumulos has also introduced a new analytics explorer to enable to developers to ‘drill down’ into all custom analytics events and user attributes. Here, events and attributes can be filtered by date and group by different event properties and/or attributes.

Finally, there’s the Analytics API. The Kumulos analytics dashboard provides insights into who is using an app and how engaged they are, helping developers make informed decisions about how to drive more downloads and increase engagement, retention, and conversion. Here, developers can generate reports, add logo and brand colours, and give clients a read-only login so they can view the work.

If developers wish to take insights and embed them into their own systems, they can query Kumulos’ RESTful API to get the aggregate counts used to generate visualisations. An, for finer grained access, developers can use Kumulos’ backend JavaScript scripting feature, KScript, to walk the custom analytics event stream and iterate over raw analytics data.

There’s also the Kumulos Mobile App Performance Management platform to help busy mobile app developers, product managers, and marketers to manage the technical and commercial performance of their mobile apps.