Kylie Minogue delivers AR experience on Instagram

Pop music legend Kylie Minogue has teamed up with Facebook to provide her fans with an augmented reality (AR) experience.

The ‘Disco Spirit’ experience on Instagram will give fans one hour to ‘dance’ with Kylie’s ‘Disco Spirit’, which will perform Real Groove as part of a celebration of the singer’s Disco album.

Kylie and her team worked with Facebook’s Creative Shop to create the experience using Spark AR and Instagram technology. The experience, driven by motion captured dance moves, draws on the themes and visuals of Disco.

Fans can experience the Disco Spirit for one hour only on Kylie’s Instagram page from 7pm UK time tomorrow (26 November).

“Come dance with my Disco Spirit. I loved working on this project and having a sparkling avatar embody the spirit of my album, DISCO, is an absolute thrill; to be the first of its kind on Instagram is very exciting,” said Kylie.

Ricardo Caetano, Head of Facebook Creative Shop UK, added, “We are very excited to have the opportunity to work on this project with Kylie Minogue, BMG and Studio Moross. With the main goal of enabling and celebrating self-expression, we designed this experience together, to give fans a different type of interaction with Kylie’s visuals and music, bringing fans closer. This project allowed us to explore how established concepts of performance, identity and presence are all converging and being stretched by music and technology.”