LA Golf partners with Sportbox AI for in-app club fitting service

Golf club maker, LA Golf, has partner with AI tech firm, Sportsbox AI to launch the LA Golf Fit Yourself Experience.

Accessed from within the Sportsbox 3DGolf app, it enables golfers to record their own swing and then matches them to the perfect shaft for their game.

The two companies have tested the AI logic on a wide array of golfers – male and female across different ages, swing speeds, and handicaps – and on average, golfers who switched to the LA Golf driver shaft that was recommended to them through the app gained an average of 9 yards and tightened their dispersion by 15 yards.

“You can now fit yourself more accurately than a launch monitor or simulator with just your phone and three swings, and that is a big freaking deal for golfers,” says Reed Dickens, Founder and CEO of LA Golf. “[Sportsbox AI CEO] Jeehae Lee is a brilliant entrepreneur, and I could not be more excited to partner with Sportsbox AI to bring golfers the future of club fitting.”

“Golfers have had two options for finding clubs to play: ask a friend or their local pro or go through an often expensive fitting experience that is based on a guess and check process, which is entirely dependent on the fitting professional to make the right recommendation,” said Lee. “We have – through this partnership with LA Golf and Sportsboxs unique AI technology – uncovered clear motion-based fitting logic that is much more reliable than eyeballed assessments. Were excited to bring this service to golfers everywhere through their mobile phone – for free.”