Lala launches The Wolf of Wall Street’ digital collectibles

Digital collectable marketplace, Lala, is launching its ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ collectable. Consumers who buy into the ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ collection will get to own a piece of the movie, and also enjoy a host of other features, including official merchandise, artwork from global creators, fan communities and experiences, and never-before-seen content from the film. 

Once Lala insiders are notified that the Lala x The Wolf of Wall Street drop is released on 20 June,  they will be able to buy digital collectables from three different tiers, each associated with different perks, benefits, scarcity, and an associated fractional percentage of the revenue stream based on that tier.

“Having worked deep in the trenches of online communities, I’ve witnessed how Web3 has opened avenues for people to connect with major brands and IP like never before and wanted to expand these opportunities to film and TV,” said Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of VC fund, Seven Seven Six, and lead investor of Lala. “We decided to incubate Lala at the firm to provide a first-class product and experience, unlocked by blockchain technology, that allows fans to deepen their relationships with particular movies or shows. Lala achieves a win-win scenario that helps both the entertainment industry better promote projects and nurture relationships with fans while also creating an unparalleled ownership experience. I’m thrilled to be a part of this empowering and engaging new direction for the entertainment and Web3 communities.”

Each time a motion picture is released, it generates revenue from ticket sales, licensing fees, and ancillary revenues, such as merchandise sales. Illegally copied versions of films and unauthorized merchandise can drain revenue and undermine the IP. With this and future collections, Lala is sharing the revenue generated from IP infringement takedowns with fans, removing unauthorized copies or uses of copyrighted materials from the public view, in order to help protect the film’s IP. 

Lala is partnering with IP owners, starting with The Wolf of Wall Street, to carve out and generate a revenue stream that gives back to the fan community, while ensuring the film and its value is protected. By doing so, Lala collectors can receive a piece of the profits, while safeguarding the integrity of celebrated movies or shows, by holding the respective LALA digital collectible.