Landmrk powers music video treasure hunt for CNCO single launch

Location-based platform Landmrk has released the results of a global campaign to launch the music video for Latino boyband CNCO’s latest single, Solo Yo.

The campaign invited fans of the band to track down individual frames of the 3-minute  Solo Yo music video at 4,218 unique hotspots across the world, via the CNCO website. 30 per cent of the hotspots were pre-defined before the campaign launched, with the remaining 70 per cent held in reserve so that fans could request a hotspot close to where they were via the website. In total, the campaign generated 24,000 hotspot requests for the approximately 3,000 available.

Fans were driven to the site primarily via the band’s social media channels. Over the course of the campaign, the site received 142,000 visits, generating 204,000 sessions, with an average session time of 2 minutes, 57 seconds and 32,000 links from the site to the band’s Spotify and iTunes pages.

Once they had identified a hotspot close to them, fans made their way to it to unlock and own a frame before sharing it to their social media channels. Each fan could collect one frame each, and once a frame had been unlocked it was out of the game.

Fans could track the progress of the video unlock from the website, and once all 4,218 frames had been collected, the full video for Solo Yo was released for all fans to watch on YouTube. This occurred early on the morning of Friday 6 April (UK time), one week after the campaign launched.

“With CNCO, we have managed to create a large global following that constantly connect with the band through social networks via their mobile phones,” said Ricardo Chamberlain, Sony Music US Latin digital marketing director. “Creating localised experiences for fans to unlock in the towns and cities that they live in is such a natural fit.”