Laser Digital and Nomura make metaverse debut with the Nomura & Laser Digital Botanical Garden

Laser Digital Holdings, in partnership with Nomura Holdings, has launched the Nomura & Laser Digital Botanical Garden in The Sandbox metaverse. The experience, which has launched as part of The Sandbox Fall Event, showcases the combined resources and talent at Nomura’s Digital Company and Laser Digital, to accelerate the bank’s innovations in the digital asset sector.

The Nomura-Laser Digital experience takes place in a Japanese botanical garden, symbolizing the bank’s cultural heritage and sustainability values. Through 20 quests, visitors can meet avatars of senior Nomura and Laser Digital management and complete tasks such as cultivating their own bonsai tree. QR codes displayed throughout the garden allow visitors to learn more about Nomura, Laser Digital and their strategic investments and innovations in digital assets.

The Sandbox, a virtual world represented by NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and the Polygon blockchain, was founded in 2011. Since then, over 4.7m accounts have been created.

“Since our launch last year as Nomura’s digital asset subsidiary, we have been keen to explore the potential of the metaverse,” said Jez Mohideen, CEO of Laser Digital. “We are excited to experience the new interactions this project enables and we look forward to continued partnership with the Digital Company to further Nomura’s progress into the digital asset sector.”

The Nomura & Laser Digital Botanical Garden was developed by Metaverse Studio Paris. You can see a teaser of the experience here.