Last Call for Our Mobile Advertising Webinar

Alex Spencer

The first webinar in our Making Sense of Mobile series takes place this afternoon at 4pm GMT/UTC.

Over 200 people have so far signed up to attend the webinar, entitled Making Sense of Mobile Advertising. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so here.

Four companies will attempt to steer a path through the occasionally choppy waters of the mobile advertising ecosystem. Fiksu will talk about in-app mobile media buying; Celtra will explain why there’s so much excitement currently over rich media mobile advertising; Mojiva will cover off premium mobile advertising networks; and StrikeAd will look at another current hot topic – Demand Side Platforms and Real Time Bidding.

Each speaker will present for 10 minutes, with a Q & A session at the end of all four presentations. Attendees can text in questions at any time via the live chat facility. The webinar, including the Q&A session, will be moderated by Mobile Marketing editor, David Murphy. He says: “There are few subjects in the mobile marketing space more confusing than mobile advertising, mainly because things change so quickly. We created the Making Sense webinar series as an education piece to try and address this confusion. Mobile advertising looked like a great place to start, and from the number of sign-ups, it seems like the subject has struck a chord with our readers.”

To register for today’s webinar for free, click here.