Summits Yellow Celebrates A Decade of Digital Music with iOS App Launch

Kirsty Styles is celebrating its 10th birthday with the release of an iPhone app to join its Android, Windows Phone and PC services.

The Scrobbler app – named after the scrape the service performs on your music collection to understand your taste – analyses the user's iTunes collection to help them discover new music. 

Each time a user listens to a song the app ‘scrobbles’ the track, adding it to their list of listening tracks, and giving details on the artists, which can then be used to create smart playlists, find tour dates, or get recommendations based on the user's taste. Users can also share what they’re listening to on Facebook and Twitter.

“Users have spent years curating their digital libraries, but rarely have the time nor energy to listen to even a fraction of those songs. We wanted to offer a way for our users to reconnect with the music they already own,” said Michael Horan, director of product, mobile and platforms, at