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lastminute and VouChaCha Team Up for Mobile Discounts

David Murphy and discount firm VouChaCha have announced the launch of snaffle, an iPhone application that provides discounts from shops to users iPhones. The app is currently on trial in the Covent Garden area of London and includes deals for restaurants, pubs, shops and beauty salons.
We believe the best way of providing targeted discounts as an integrated part of your marketing strategy while protecting your brand is through the use of coupons, delivered directly to a users mobile phone based on their location, says VouChaCha  CEO, Ben Brown. The number of people actively searching for discounts during 2009 has grown by 30%. VouChaCha are very excited to be working with the labs team as this trend grows into 2010, using our technology to power the snaffle iPhone app.
snaffle is available now as a free download from the Apple App Store.