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AT Launches BuzzWatcher Online Monitoring Tool

David Murphy

Online Intelligence company AT Internet has announced the release of BuzzWatcher, a website monitoring service that can be integrated as part of a web and mobile analytics platform, and enables companies to measure the buzz and online reputation of their products and services.
BuzzWatcher measures activity on social media channels, including social networks, video platforms, RSS feeds and blogs, in real time. The data generated by BuzzWatcher can be filtered by keyword and/or channel, and can also be used to focus on a particular area, such as the online reputation of a brand, product, competitor or a particular business sector.
BuzzWatcher is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, and does not require any tagging or installation. The user simply states which keywords or expressions are to be monitored so that BuzzWatcher can begin monitoring.
The application has been developed to function independently, or as part of the integrated AnalyzerNX suite, which also includes web, mobile and server monitoring and analytics applications. Using the dashboard-style user interface, marketers can access all the information they need in one place, also giving them the ability to carry out a cross-channel analysis.