Law Firm Launches HR Adviser App

Scottish law firm MacRoberts has launched a free iOS app for HR professionals that provides a reference on employment law. 

The app, called HR Adviser, includes an interactive unfair dismissal compensation calculator and  redundancy calculator, and useful information regarding UK employment law, with useful contacts and website links. 

The app is fully downloaded onto your iOS device, so it works without an internet connection. This includes the various calculator features. 

Graham Mitchell, specialist employment law partner at MacRoberts, says: “Others have shied away from compensation estimates because of the considerable amount of variables involved, but we have included – and highlighted – some reasonable presumptions, allowing us to provide an informed assessment which will be of real value to HR professionals.”

He says that the app has been designed to address the needs of the firms clients. “We have listened very carefully to our HR clients and have developed a practical, useful and relevant app which addresses the issues HR professionals face every day in an increasingly difficult employment law environment.”

David Flint, Head of the IP, technology and communications group at MacRoberts, adds: “There is great enthusiasm within the firm for finding new ways of enhancing the technological service we provide to our clients and employment law was identified very quickly as an area in which we could significantly add value.

“Many of our clients are large employers, and they have issues with employment law all the time. It is an area in which reliable information is often needed quickly and it lends itself to an information-based system such as HR Adviser.”

The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.