Leading contemporary retailer sees sales increases with Lord & Taylor’s video-first Retail Media Program powered by InMobi Commerce

InMobi Commerce, a leading advertising technology platform for eCommerce companies, today announced that Lord and Taylor’s Retail Media Program that it powers, yielded significant increases in sales, gross merchandise value, and clickthrough rate for a leading women’s clothing brand.

The brand, itself a fashion leader, sought to enhance its online presence and showcase its unique assortment of products to Lord & Taylor’s online shoppers. Utilizing InMobi Commerce’s suite of video-led product discovery solutions, the brand launched a campaign aiming to increase awareness and consideration for its products.

Leveraging the program’s wide range of video ad experiences powered by InMobi, the brand achieved a remarkable 557 per cent increase in new product sales and a 480 per cent increase in gross merchandise value, in addition to a 2.2 per cent improvement in clickthrough rate. This increased engagement translated into substantial sales growth, validating consumers adoption and preference to better discover products through video.

“We are thrilled to witness the impact of video-driven experiences and their adoption by consumers as shown by these positive results,” ssid Jimit Doshi, Senior Vice President and General Manager of InMobi Commerce. “This changes the game for brands and retailers trying to connect and help consumers shop in innovative ways.”

“By collaborating with InMobi Commerce, Lord & Taylor has benefited from a valuable partnership that has enabled us to create more engaging and effective advertising opportunities, resulting in real and measurable success for our brand partners,” added Sebastien Lesage, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Digital at Lord & Taylor. “This success demonstrates the power of video in conveying the brands story while driving sales on Lord & Taylor’s website.”

Supporting all retail verticals – including consumer packaged goods, consumer electronics as well as apparel and beauty – InMobi Commerce helps retailers successfully capitalize and differentiate in the growing retail media market opportunity with video and other innovative solutions. Leveraging upon the advancements of AI and Machine learning, InMobi Commerce provides a platform for retailers to create and offer premium ad space to help brands connect with high-intent shoppers as they research, browse, and shop online. The solution’s industry-first video formats including brand video, sponsored product video, and shoppable ads, provide advertisers an opportunity to place premium content that helps drive increased engagement and return on investment.

Powered by machine learning and providing deep, strategic insights, InMobi Commerce helps retailers maximize budgets from existing brands, maximizing demand and revenue from all the brands they want to reach. Additional features of InMobi Commerce include:

  • Full-funnel ad experiences that focus on consumer experience and deliver engaging content to help drive full-funnel ad dollars from brands.
  • Mediation that helps retailers work with more than one platform, allowing them to programmatically maximize demand, fill rate and yield by integrating with multiple retail media platforms.
  • AI-driven automation systems that help maximize revenue through campaign setup and automatic programmatic campaign delivery using our autonomous campaigns.
  • Off-site solutions that benefit from InMobi’s extensive DSP integrations and advanced mobile creative solutions within the digital media ecosystem.

InMobi Commerce is an innovative suite of product discovery and monetization solutions, for retailers and e-commerce companies that are designed to help maximize media-derived revenues. InMobi Commerce is a pioneer in launching shoppable videos to retailers, helping them create high-impact shopping experiences, moving immersive product discovery from social platforms back to their owned channels.