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Learn About Gamification in Our Free Webinar This Wednesday

David Murphy

The final webinar in our Making Sense of Mobile Series for 2013, looking at Gamification, takes place on Wednesday, 5 December at 4pm UK time.

The webinar will look at the concept of Gamification as applied in the mobile space, attempting to define and explain it, and showcase examples of Gamification in best practice.

Gamification is all about turning everyday activities into something a bit more fun, something where you are rewarded for doing what you needed to do anyway, and where both consumers and the brands they are dealing with benefit from the relationship. One obvious example is that of a mobile operator offering its pay-as-you-go customers incentives for topping up before they are almost out of credit, or topping up by more than their usual amount.

To find out more about putting Gamification to work for your business, join us next Wednesday for our free webinar. You can register to attend the webinar here.