LemonQuest Adds Three

Mobile content comapany LemonQuest has increased its foothold in the mobile gaming market with three new titles: Dots & Boxes, Gravity 360 and Pro Pinball: Big Race USA. The games increase LemonQuests catalogue to over 30 titles, with a further 25 expected in 2008.
In Dots & Boxes, gamers have to join the dots that are next to each other in twos, either horizontally or vertically, until the four sides of the box are formed. Gravity 360 is a puzzle game in a 3D world where players burst bubbles to progress through the 15 different levels. And Pro Pinball: Big Race USA stars a traditional American yellow cab in an adrenaline-pumping action game as players take a white-knuckle ride across the country for their chance to complete the race. 
These new games add a variety of different gaming experiences to the mobile phone, says LemonQuest Licensing Manager, Bernard Seco. Bringing games like this to our catalogue ensures mobile phone gamers are able to enjoy a similar level of graphics, playability and enjoyment to those playing games on other platforms.”