Lenovo Hands Ad Intelligence Brief to Integral Ad Science

Lenovo adPC maker Lenovo has struck a global partnership with Integral Ad Science, which provides actionable advertising intelligence for buyers and sellers of digital media. Lenovo will require each media agency it works with to exclusively use Integral Ad Science and its data solutions on future Lenovo ad campaigns. Integral Ad Science is a third-party, independent media quality data source utilising advanced technology to provide insight into advertising performance.

Based on in-market tests, Lenovo has seen an improved cadence around media measurability and optimisation. Efficiency was achieved in areas such as geographic blocking of ads, improved intra-campaign viewability and fraud detection. Initial testing has already shown up to three-times higher viewability for Lenovo’s ad campaigns. In certain regions, blocking “out-of-country traffic” has also been beneficial to media effectiveness.
In addition to using Integral Ad Science’s core valuation platform to inform quality media buys, Lenovo will utilise Causal Impact to measure the success of its advertising campaigns. A proprietary solution to Integral Ad Science, identifies which ads cause consumers to take action and which media partners are responsible for delivering those ads.

“Lenovo places great importance on making efficient and wise media investments, and our decision to partner with Integral Ad Science is already showing an increased return on investment,” said Gary Milner, director, global digital marketing at Lenovo. “Integral Ad Science’s focus on innovative technology that provides the best value for its customers goes hand-in-hand with Lenovo’s philosophy.”

Separately, Integral Ad Science has opened offices in Paris and Tokyo. Headquartered in New York, the company also has offices across N. America, Europe, Asia and Australia.