Less is More

Now that O2 has officially taken the wraps off O2 More, we have written again to the company to ask them the questions we asked them four weeks ago, namely: 

  • How many people are on the database?
  • How were they recruited?
  • How were they incentivised to join?
  • Are they all contract customers, or a mix of contract and non-contract?
  • What sort of profiling can you offer brands – age, location etc?
  • How are you planning to market the database to brands?
  • Are there any limits on the number of marketing messages someone on the database would receive in a given time period?

Having had no response to our emails about the database the first and second time round, who knows whether well get any answers this time, but if and when we do, well we happy to share them with you. Personally, I'm all for this type of up-front, transparent relationship between a network and its customers. So long as the customers know what they are opting in to, then where's the problem? It would just paint a much fuller picture of what the O2 More offering is if the network would fill in the gaps in the story.

David Murphy