Less than a Third of Marketers Aware of Digital Out-of-home Integration

New York Times Square Billboards Outdoor Advertising Shopping - CopyLess than a third of marketing professionals are aware of the way digital technologies can be integrated into out-of-home (OOH) campaigns, despite innovation being cited as a top buying consideration when seeking ways to reach audiences.

A survey by OOH advertiser Clear Channel UK found that less than 32 per cent of marketers were aware that the medium could offer contactless technology, motion detection, QR and NFC integration or facial recognition.

While many were unaware of these capabilities, many marketers were looking for them. With linear television audiences dwindling and mobile devices become more and more ubiquitous, marketers are looking for innovative new ways to reach mass audiences.

Among the technologies deemed most exciting by marketers were NFC and QR code tech, with 72 per cent of those surveyed keen to adopt it, environmentally friendly tech (70 per cent), contactless tech (70 per cent) and motion detection (67 per cent).

“We are at a point where many marketing professionals perceptions are at odds with the new levels of digital sophistication available across the OOH medium,” said Sarah Speake, CMO at Clear Channel UK. “In the UK, millions of pounds worth of investment in digital over the last few years has created a medium that is capable of delivering broadcast reach, measurability and brand fame at a national and regional level.

“Its now paramount that we educate the masses on the new digital opportunities available as well as reiterating the strengths of our traditional formats. Theres a wealth of sophistication available across the medium to tap into.”