Less than two weeks to our Programmatic for Publishers Summit

Programmatic has become one of the cornerstone technologies of the mobile marketing revolution, but many publishers still have questions about the fundamentals, let alone the latest advancements in this ever-evolving area.

Thankfully, our Programmatic for Publishers Summit is there to help. We provide straight answers on topics like header bidding and mobile monetisation from experienced voices within the industry, and a forum where publishers and ad tech specialists can discuss the challenges they face and the solutions available.

“The digital landscape is changing and the way people consume, purchase and analyse content is developing,” said Terry Hornsby, director of programmatic at GiveMeSport, who will be speaking. “The phone in your pocket is no longer just a communication device but is your life in a box; it’s important to take this into account when publishers communicate to users.

“Programmatic is evolving each day, as are users and the way they consume advertising and brand awareness. The change in the way someone consumers means we as digital businesses have to adapt when it comes to serving and communicating advertising.”

The Summit, which takes place on 13 June at the Royal Society of Chemistry in London, includes speakers from Google, The Telegraph, GiveMeSport, SpotX and AddApptr, as well as representatives from Zoopla and Bauer Xcel in fireside chats with our programmatic columnist Paul Gubbins.

In addition, our roundtable sessions and panel debate give you a chance to control the flow of the conversation, and help to create a dialogue between our speakers, panellists and delegates that ensures you leave with a better understanding of this key marketing technology.

“Mobile Marketings Summits give us a great opportunity to connect with brands and explore what problems theyre facing in embracing the power of programmatic,” said Joanna Burton, vice president of European strategy at SpotX. “For SpotX, its really important to hear from a wide range of industries and find out what areas and issues arent being met by the mobile marketing industry yet.”

You can reserve your place at the Programmatic for Publishers Summit here, and join brands including The Economist, The Guardian, Penguin, The Financial Times, Trinity Mirror, Hearst and Mumsnet. If you’re interested in working with Mobile Marketing Magazine on this or one of our future summits, please email john.owen@mobilemarketingmagazine.com