Lets Talk About Sex

MTVs Staying Alive Foundation, SpinVox and Causes on Facebook, have announced the launch of their joint campaign, Stand by What You Say. The initiative encourages young people to speak openly about sex, sexual health and HIV/AIDS, with a view to increasing awareness and breaking down the stigma and discrimination which so often accompanies the disease.   
The campaign, which uses the SpinVox service to convert voice messages into text, encourages users to pick up the phone and Talk About… the pleasures and issues surrounding 21st century sex. Those that speak up are then asked to bolster their support by pledging money to the Staying Alive Foundation, MTVs HIV and AIDS charity which allocates grants to youth-led organisations who work to raise awareness on a local, grass-roots level. SpinVox itself will be standing by what it says to match funds raised to the value of $50,000 (25,000).
Stand By What You Say aims to empower young people to speak freely about sex. It advocates that only by speaking openly can the stigmas be erased and barriers broken down. An open mind leads to open discussions which ultimately helps promote safe sex and lowers the risk of HIV and AIDS.   
Callers are greeted by 2008 Staying Alive Foundation Ambassador Kelly Rowland, who prompts them to leave a message. SpinVox converts the voice messages to text and posts them on a bespoke Staying Alive blog. Topics such as sex secrets, one night stands and condoms will act as conversation starters and encourage debate among a global youth audience. Different themes and questions will be posed throughout the campaign to keep the contributions coming.   
MTV is proud to be a part of this innovative campaign, said Bill Roedy CEO MTV Networks International. It is only by speaking out openly about sex, sexual health and HIV/AIDS, that attitudes can be changed, barriers broken and stigma reduced.
SpinVox co-founder and CEO Christina Domecq describes the campaign as a world-first. She says:
Together with MTV were breaking new ground by changing how people can contribute to the Staying Alive Foundation, encouraging them to speak freely, openly and honestly about sex and the issues of HIV/AIDS. Sharing experiences, advice, the good and bad times, but also the ridiculous and humourous moments that happen around sex is a powerful way to involve and educate others, harnessing the power that we all have to change attitudes, and so the progression of this disease.
Theres more information about the Staying Alive Foundation, including the number to call in each country to leave a message on the Stand By What You Say blog, here.